Judge Judi is a Transformational Coach empowering people to integrate and balance their lives while living their dreams. She has spent a lifetime coaching and judging gymnastics at the national level. Through her Body Smarts Coaching she is helping thousands improve their bodies, their lives and their athletic performance. Her clients find her unique approach of incorporating the importance of sleep and the value of dreams into her coaching a key that unlocks their capability on a level much deeper than anything they have ever experienced. Judi’s passion for empowering others extends beyond the world of gymnastics in the many educational workshops, seminars and retreats she designs and facilitates.

With a Masters degree in Psychology and as a Body Psychology Expert she is a highly sought after speaker. Her informative and entertaining talks inspire her audiences on many topics: Health, Wellness, Performance Excellence, Relaxation, Visualization, Team Building and more. Judi’s passion for “provoking lives” makes a positive impact in personal and professional lives.

“When we are whole, complete and pain free, we are better able to successfully pursue our endeavors with greater consistency and ease.  As we better understand ourselves we open to enjoy a freedom that can result in authentic heartfelt expression and living the life we deserve.  

From "LIVING A PAIN FREE LIFE" - a 90-Day Course by Judi Ternyik

“Judi’s book of blessings is such a gift! In reading the nightly blessings, I found myself feeling more centered and relaxed—and even breathing easier. Because the book is artfully grouped into sections to match your mood and purpose, you can choose to focus on one topic for a period of time, read a night blessing to match your day, or pick a blessing to support what you’d like to attract into your life. No matter how you use this book, you’ll reap the benefits of better sleep.”


Sue Urda

Co-Founder, Powerful You! Inc.

“I just wanted to tell you, you are doing a great job!  You inspire me!  I love your spirit and enthusiasm! You take risks and leave your comfort zone!  You are making a positive impact on others! You are a big success in life!  I only wish more people in life were like you! 😘🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙂”

Betsy Trimble

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Judi is in great demand as a speaker at health care, spirituality, personal growth, women’s conferences and of course, gymnastics conferences. She facilitates workshops, seminars and retreats. Her talks focus on life lessons and practical tools from her books “Sleep, Dream, Heal,” and her upcoming book on Body Psychology.

Topics include:

  • Body Smarts
  • Living an Empowered Life
  • 90 Days to Living Pain-Free
  • Saying “NO” is saying “YES” to You.
  • Love and Nurture Yourself
  • Listen to Your Body, It’s Smarter than You Are.
  • Don’t Always Trust Your Feelings

Judi speaks from her heart, directly, honestly and authentically.

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